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Paul Granger- Independent Consultant and Lead Auditor to a UKAS accredited certification body

Q1- Which course did you attend with us?

  • CQI/IRCA ISO 14001 Auditor Conversion Course


Q2- What year did you attend the course?

  • 2017


Q3- What was your main goal in attending the Course?

Becoming a lead auditor


Q4- What progress have you made in achieving that goal since completing the course?

Achieved fully


Q5- What were you not able to do professionally prior to the course that attending the course , has now enabled you to do?

Audit and understand the management systems


Q6- What are the lasting memories you have from being on the course?

Great tutor


Q7- What was the tutor like?



Q8- What was the venue like?



Q9- Will you recommend Charis to others and why?

Yes very professional

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