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 Food Safety Management

The safety of food sold for public consumption is of paramount importance. The principles of food safety enable food producing organisations to establish controls that ensure food that reaches the consumer is safe and wholesome. The consequences of poor food safety arrangements and controls can have long lasting damaging  and often fatal effects. We deliver a number of courses to help organisations and individual employees develop, maintain and improve the food Safety arrangements in any organisation.

CIEH Level 2 Foundation Food Safety

This  is a 1 day course, that helps to meet the requirements of basic food hygiene training for personnel  in organisations that provide food for consumption by the public under the Law. Including catering, food manufacturing, services and retail organisations

CIEH Level 3- Intermediate Food Safety

This is a 3 day courses for individuals who have a supervisory level role for teams within food handling operations including catering, manufacturing retail and allied services.

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