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Get your CQI/IRCA ISO 9001 lead auditor Qualification the most affordable way in the UK

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Now let’s get you on this course


But, before we do that, you will want to know how exactly how we do it, well it is simple, we give you the opportunity to make installment payments via direct debit, and you can get on the course straight away, in fact we have this course every 3 months and you could be sitting on the next one gaining your qualification* and start making the progress you've always wanted in your career!

*Charis the training company will not be positioned to release final qualification certificate electronically or in any other format until all outstanding payments are completed.







But before you even get to that it is important that you know why you should be attending this course with us other than the fact that we are the only provider that has made a CQI/IRCA ISO 9001 lead auditor course this affordable, check out this video it is exactly 58 seconds


It is simple, instead of paying the lump sum of £1299, (which by the way is one of the most competitive prices available in industry), you can pay in 6 monthly installments of £250. Yes, the total comes to more than if you paid upfront, but it helps you to get this over with and focus on what matters, progressing your career (and still cheaper than some  than some providers).


The option is to wait for some long period to secure funds or hope your manager will someday pity you and send you on the course. With this arrangement you can get the qualification, literally on the next available date, in March, June, September and December.

"So how can I progress this" you ask



You have 2 options

Option 1- If you are ready to go ahead and get this done immediately then when you click the button that says, secure my place below it will take you to a page that talks about the CQI/ISO 9001 lead auditor course, look in the bottom of it, it will show you the available dates, click the  best fit date and it will take you  to a page to set up your direct debit details. No payment leaves your account until the 2nd day of the month!





Option 2- "I will like more information on a phone call"-  To get more information about this unique offer or if you are interested is in other courses that we offer simply provide your name, email and phone contact number below and our Director ‘Yemi Shodipo will call you to answer any and all of your questions. Your details will be handled in line with our privacy policy


















Let’s help you tick off this qualification and improve your career prospects immediately, pain free!

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Give me a call

Thanks, Yemi will contact you very soon

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