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.... on the CQI International Quality Awards.

For every true student of the history of Quality, you will know that, for two of the great national quality revolutions we have seen i.e. the US and Japan, recognition and reward programmes where fundamental critical success factors in both scenarios.

In the United States, The Malcolm Baldridge award today stands to continue that tradition of recognizing US companies that have distinguished themselves in quality management. It was established by congress in 1987 and it is awarded annually by no other than the President of the united states.

In Japan, the Deming prize, instituted in honour of W. Edwards Deming recognizes individuals and businesses that have excelled in the field of Quality. These awards are broadcast in Japan on national television. And administered by the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). It is now open to non-Japanese organisations.

The absence of a quality award that captures a nation’s attention and brings quality outside of just the field of the technical personnel into national consciousness has been one of the key factors lacking in the UK, keeping quality a niche profession that the public lacks an understanding of. It is therefore exceedingly commendable that the Chartered Quality Institute has this year launched its International Quality Awards.

With 6 categories available, quality professionals and organisations have a chance to work towards and be rewarded for their unsung outstanding quality efforts at an award ceremony on the 22nd of November 2017. Time to get your applications in via the CQI website. Because today is the very last day possible for your application to go in! And should you have questions please check out the FAQ section.

It is early days, should the CQI International Awards successfully cross over into national and international consciousness like the Baldridge and Deming prizes someday, the CQI would have done the profession an unprecedented service, by taking quality beyond factories and organisations into the living rooms of the United Kingdom.

Thank you CQI.

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