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So your company has not transitioned to the 2015 version of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 yet? What is at stake?

It is getting close to time to hit the panic button if you are yet to transition your company’s management system to the 2015 version. This is because September 2018 is the deadline for all transitions to be completed, otherwise your organisation loses its certification to the standard. And September is not the date you get your organisation ready, it is the last date in which your certification body should have assessed your system.

So, what are the possible paths for an organisation in this situation now?

  1. Get their management system updated immediately and arrange their next audit with their certification body as soon as possible and for a date ahead of September 2018.

  2. Request help from reputable consultancy organisation or an independent consultant. Most of these organisations now have significant experience of helping several organisations to transition and depending on the size of your company and complexity of your processes it could involve a few consultancy days.

  3. Contact your certification body for as much advice as they are willing or able to give. Most certification bodies are positioned to recommend suitable consultant help. Some certification bodies also provide an independent gap analysis that could help you focus your actions and accelerate your preparation.

  4. Secure an audit date with your certification body as soon as possible

  5. It is known that at every transition like this a few organisations drop off by losing their certification, hopefully yours will not be one of those as the supply chain of most B2B organisations rely on certification for the trust required to continue doing business. If an organisation ultimately drops off the certification process. It means the organisation starts all over again with a stage 1 and stage 2 audit.

Now that you know what the options are. Hopefully you can take the best action for your organisation and soon enough.

For businesses based in the North West of England, you can get a free 1 hour onsite transition advice from Charis Management Systems.

Simply email requesting the free 1 hour consultancy to, call (0)1772896258 or book directly online

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