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Introducing 'The Competent Bunny'

Charis- Training Company recently launched a short 1 minute advert planned to be used on various digital media. The advert features a very upbeat drum set music from a bunny who is exceptionally competent on the drums.

'Yemi Shodipo, Director of Charis-The Training Company explained that the concept behind the advert was the fact that if a bunny only known for eating carrots can become a competence and interesting player of the drums, then Charis is able to take anyone and make them competent in Quality and ISO systems and auditing through its training courses. "The advert also briefly links a raise in salary or your current position to an increase in competence" which is a fact of the modern workplace" he said.

Charis- The training Company hopes that this digital advert which will be available on all its social media pages including LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and YouTube will go someway in showing the company as the modern, engaging and refreshing alternative in a CQI/IRCA training course market that is historically conservative.

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