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Want to explore a career in management systems? You can start here.

Behind the delivery of every good or service you utilise, is a supply chain that sometimes could be exceptionally complex. For example imagine your beloved chocolate, the supply chain for its key ingredient starts from the cocoa farms of the Ivory Coast. Somehow between the harvesting of the cocoa pods to the chocolate being in your hands, lies a multiplicity of processes, organisations and services that progress the supply chain.

Every organisation is a part of a supply chain, it doesn't matter whether it is at the start, middle or end of it. However, every supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Wherever an organisation is in the chain, it needs to be positioned not to be a weak link and much more desirable it is to be one of the strong links in the chain. there are many individual actions an organisation can take to improve its strength within its supply chain including sales, marketing, improvement of products/service etc. These can help address various individual issues in an organisation. However in other to holistically address the quality of the organisation within the context of its supply chain; the one enduring methodology that has stood the test of time is the implementation of a management system.

A management system can look at specific core issues within a supply chain- these include but is not limited to Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Security, Food Safety among others. The ability to implement, review and audit a management system is a very learnable skill set and a route to numerous professional positions within organisations and supply chains including the opportunities of self-employment. Job titles such as Quality manager, Supply Chain Manager, QHSE managers, Auditors, Trainers all come to mind.

To get started and explore management systems; The 1-day introduction to Management Systems is the ideal first step. And Charis-The Training Company will be delivering this course on Tuesday the 21st of February in Manchester. Check out further details and specifications for this 1-day course accredited by CQI/IRCA (The Chartered Quality Institute and the International register of certificated Auditors)

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