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Meet the new 'face' of Charis Training

North West based specialist training company Charis- The Training Company has introduced a new 'face' to it's marketing efforts. A self confident middle aged woman that the company has simply referred to as 'Paula' is set to be the picture that fronts most of the future advertising of the company.

Director, 'Yemi Shodipo explains that "the persona of Paula reflects the confidence we expect people who graduate from our courses to feel. We believe that confidence comes from being competent. We are therefore keen to let the market know that while it is a training course you think you are attending with us, our aim is to hand you the confidence to do the job."

Charis was accredited as a training course provider to deliver management systems related courses by The Chartered Quality Institute, in 2016.

Charis is unique in that it delivers its training courses through a partnership with The Marriott Hotels in 4 cities around England. 'Yemi says, "we believe our delegates should enjoy the full benefits of a day out of the workplace. The world class training and conferencing facilities at The Marriott Hotels and the relaxed environment fits squarely into our vision of what training service delivery should be".

'Paula' already has graced the updated website of Charis- The Training Company and Projects Executive, Chiko Chupa advised that the very confident looking Paula will grace a page of the June edition of Quality World, the professional magazine of The Chartered Quality Institute.

For more, visit the homepage of Charis-The training Company

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