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5 things to remember before attending a training course.

Before attending a training course, consider these 5 helpful tips.....Continuing professional development ensures you continue to grow and improve at what you do. Training courses provide a convenient CPD pathway – but simply attending is not enough, and it’s wise to put effort in ahead of the actual starting date.

To make the most of your chosen event, consider our compilation of 5 things to do ahead of attending a training course!

1. Review the course information details

There is nothing worse than rushing into the training venue on the first day of the course only to find out that it’s not

the right venue at all. Or not the right time. Or a wrong course altogether, not at all relevant to your CPD needs. Do your research in advance – and don’t hesitate to contact the providers if you’re unsure of anything.

2. Examine the pre-course materials provided

Chances are you’ve been sent some pre-course materials ahead of time – which provides a great opportunity to give yourself a head start! Most delegates don’t go much beyond brushing through these documents and brochures, and yet, spending some time studying them can save you a lot of confusion during the course. If it’s there, it’s there for a reason!

3. Clear your work schedule

To give all your attention to the training course, make sure to complete all priority tasks at work in advance and clear your schedule. After all, it’s highly unlikely that you will be sent to any further training if work becomes a mess without you…not ideal for career development at all. Too much to handle alone? Time to put your team member hat on and find a delegate to take care of some of your tasks. Hint: remember to return the favour.

4. Set boundaries

Following up from the previous point, make sure your colleagues know you’re unavailable for the duration of the training course. A good way around it is setting up an

automated email response, preferably including contact details for someone to be reached in your absence.

5. Arrive early

Aim to arrive at the training venue at least 45 minutes ahead of time. Don’t underestimate the power of taking a bit of time to relax, grab a coffee and network with other early birds! In addition, heading off to the venue early saves you from unexpected surprises such as getting stuck in unusual traffic. Win!

Follow the tips above to make the most of your training, and remember – planning pays off!

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