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5 Qualities of a Good Training Venue

This compilation lists our top 5 qualities of a good training venue, let's have a quick look:

1. Central Location for all Transport Modes

A primary consideration is to make sure that the training venue being considered is in a central location and can be easily be reached via all transport modes including car, rail and air where appropriate.

2. Environment and facilities

Delegates need to feel at ease within their surroundings. Learning is best achieved within a clean, spacious and pleasant environment that offers comfortable seating facilities. Meeting this expectations will aid the delivery and the learning process.

people at a training event

Such basic facilities as clean and well maintained toilets are an essential requirement no matter how low your venue budget is.

3. Presentation and engagement tools

Training course providers should be offering delegates adequate learning and engagement tools to enable then absorb course content and practice new skills in a clear and enjoyable manner.

It is essential that the venue offers as, a minimum, tools such as whiteboard, ceiling-mounted projector, large-format screen, flip charts and secure wifi access. Such additional tools as capabilities for playing videos or presentation clickers for pointing during presentations and unlimited activity support tools should always be used to bring training courses to live.

4. Lighting and Temperature

It is essential that the lighting is adequate to illuminate the room clearly and that it does not cause any glares from screens or creates any shadows that will detract from the quality of the presentation and learning activities.


The room temperature should be set to a comfortable level so as to avoid any unpleasant warmth or cooling, as can will impact negatively on the learning process for delegates.

5. Security and access controls

Above all, a training venue should always be secure with controlled access for the training event. Attendees should not need to have concerns about own safety, noise, disturbance by others or health and safety related issues.

5 Qualities of a Good Training Event Venue

This safety consideration should extend to the property of delegates especially if they parked their vehicles around the venue. While organizations might not be able to own liability for the safety of vehicles, having them parked in a safe environment where, preferably off the street should be a minimum consideration.

Now you know a part of the thinking we consider in selecting our brand differentiating training venues. Please out our website in full.


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