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5 ways auditors can ‘go green’

Auditors have ample opportunity to preach the green gospel in the course of their daily work. Here we have 5 ways auditors can be more environmentally friendly in their day to day work.

1. Green Transportation planning.

Auditors travel a lot – but there is no need to drive everywhere. Explore the use of trains, tubes, public transport where possible to reduce the carbon footprint and highlight your dedication to the cause. No feasible public transport options? Consider switching to hybrid cars and service your vehicle regularly!

2. Go paperless.

With feather light laptops and tablets available these days, there is no reason not to type in your audit reports directly. Modern devices also have great in-built cameras, so you can accompany your reports with quality pictures on the go- but never forget to gain consent of the auditee before taking pictures!

3. Stop putting audit reports and expenses in the mail.

There is no reason to post audit reports – simply email them! Not only your recipient whether this be the auditee, audit client or the certification body; will get the materials quicker, you’ll also save some paper (which equals trees) and postage costs. For expenses, you simply take a picture of your receipts on a smart phone and email directly to recipient.

4. Use hotels and services with green ethos.

Auditors 'live' a good part of their work life in hotels – and if you’re committed to going green, choose wisely. Identify and patronise those hotels with green ethos. There are so many hotels offering decent services whilst staying eco-friendly. No excuse to stay elsewhere!

5. Be a green evangelist.

Auditees listen to you – which means a chance to inspire them to become more eco-friendly! Green failings and opportunities within the client organisation need not be excluded from your discussions, while keeping within the scope of your audit. Make suggestions where appropriate, be non-judgemental and encourage positive change, leading by your own example!

Going green benefits everyone, and it’s so easy – so why not start today?

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