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5 reasons why I like the quality profession.

1. I get to meet so many interesting people.

I started working for a consultancy firm just over 2 years ago. It was amazing and a little overwhelming at first how many people from various organisations we communicated with whether in person, over the phone or by email. After a while I really started to embrace this part of the profession. I have met so many people from various walks of life and they all have different stories to tell.

2. I get to help people improve their businesses.

I like to think that we are all made to be of service to each other based on our skills and abilities. It’s a satisfying feeling when we work with people and really make a difference in their organisation. When you see the look of relief on their faces as they tell you how much they appreciate the work you have done with them.

3. Quality is applicable to any type of business.

One thing I learnt very quickly is that quality is applicable to any organisation that provides a product or service. The fact that I can work with any type of business makes the job more exciting and I get to learn so much from the variety of


4. There are many options and prospects within the profession.

In the quality profession there are so many paths you could take and they all have different prospects. This can be working in a highly respected and well paid role within an organisation or even being your own boss. Obviously as with most things in life with start from somewhere and hopefully work upwards.

5. It makes other people’s lives easier.

Quality is focused on making things better for the end user. As much as we are helping the businesses get better, we are consequently helping the end users of their products. We are making things easier and faster for people all around the world.

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